Can I bring my 6-year-old son Timmy to St. Vincent? He’s really sweet and well-behaved!

  • Kudos to you for raising a cool kid! Yes you can, but we ask that you leave your stroller in the car or at home and remember that Timmy needs to wear a mask unless he's under 3 years old or sitting down at a table. Also, please remember that our store is 21+ at all times. 

Can I bring my 6-year-old French bulldog Trixie to St. Vincent? She’s really sweet and well-behaved!

  • We’re sure she is! Trixie is allowed and welcome in the garden of St. Vincent. However, we ask that, as her human protectors, you ensure that she remains on leash and at your table at all times. Trixie isn’t allowed to socialize freely, and if she decides suddenly that she has an issue with another pet or patron, we may have to ask her to leave. Please do not place Trixie on top of any tables or chairs, and you are responsible for any and all biological messes she creates.

Can I smoke or vape at St. Vincent? Even this fine Cuban cigar my dad gave me for my birthday?

  • Unfortunately, we have to draw a hard line on this one - there is no smoking or consumption of any tobacco/nicotine products allowed anywhere at St. Vincent. No cigarettes, no stogies, no vapes, no blunts - nada. All that action must take place out front of the building on Georgia Ave at least 20 feet away from the front door.

Hey, I’ve got 4 friends on the way! Can I snag a 6-top and hold seats until they arrive?

  • Did you make a reservation? Then yes, absolutely! Oh shucks..no reso? Because we are working with a limited capacity during these times all of our tables at St. Vincent are on a first-come basis to complete parties only. (Once COVID restrictions are lifted, we will highly encourage you to share tables with total strangers. Make new friends. Start a conversation with someone that looks nothing like you. 'Tis the St. Vincent way!)

My parents gifted me a bottle of 1999 Hermitage for my graduation! Can I drink it at St. Vincent?

  • Hey, check you out! You can definitely bring it in to enjoy it here - we only charge a $20 corkage fee per bottle for wine brought in from beyond our store. Please present all outside bottles at the counter so we can slap a St. Vincent sticker on it. If we come across any bottles at St. Vincent without a sticker, we will probably ask you to leave.
  • Besides corkage wines, no outside alcohol is permitted at St. Vincent. Leave those sneaky flasks and road-sodas at home, please.

We didn't finish our wine! Can we take it home with us? 

  • Hell yeah you can! Just ask one of our team members to grab you a bottle topper and a to-go bag. DC law states we must secure the bottle in a sealed bag before it leaves. [PRO-MOVE: stop by the shop and grab another bottle on your way out!]

It’s my company’s holiday party! How do I go about reserving space for 100 people?

  • Like where your head’s at, but unfortunately we are unable to accommodate parties larger than 6 or any private events at this time. Check back post-COVID and we’ll try and get you sorted out.

    I’m super-comfy under this here tree and don’t wanna walk to the shop to purchase more wine & cheese. Can I order from my table?

    • You sure can! Because COVID-19 made us re-think our entire business model, we have created an online store (www.StVincentWine.com) where you can purchase all of our products. Once you are ready to check out, make sure you fill out the Table Number and Number of Glasses box in your cart. Each table has a number on it so just put your table number in the box and we'll be out with your items shortly. Cheese plates might take a little bit longer, depending on how busy we are. Feel free to let a staff member know you've ordered online, too. 

    Hey, so what exactly are the new COVID-19 public health guidelines? I want to be compliant!

    Good on you! For right now, the rules we’re adhering to are as follows:

    • 100% ID check (US territory driver’s licenses, passports and military IDs only). We will ask you for your phone number for contact tracing.
    • Staff will be wearing masks and gloves when handling food. Guests have to wear masks AT ALL TIMES unless seated outside (or under the age of 3)
    • We will be doing everything in our power to make the guest experience as contact-free as possible. All glasses, silverware and water receptacles will be provided directly to guests.
    • All tables will be strategically placed 6 feet apart.
    • Hand sanitizer will be available throughout St. Vincent.
    • All tables have to order at least one prepared food item. Weird rule, but work with us here.