How To Order

You have two options for ordering online with us.

Option 1: Order for pickup in the store to take home. Pick-up times noon to 8pm daily.

Option 2: Order to your table

For either option, first you fill your cart with your desired products. When you're done shopping, view your cart and you'll see an empty text box with:

"Table Number or Pickup Instructions"

If you are seated at a table, find your table number (its attached to the table) and put that number in the text box. If you are picking up, you can either leave the text box blank if your order is to be filled immediately or put a day/time you'd like your order to be ready (please make sure your requested day/time matches our hours of operation). 

Thanks for your patronage and please don't hesitate to get in touch with us with any questions or concerns. 

Phone: 202-413-9763